ChunkyDunks are an annual summer series of body-positive group swims.

Organizers rent public pools and offer up a focused and intentional space where the natural diversity of human bodies is respected. We know it can be daunting to put on a suit and swim in public. We’re not going to let anything stop us, or you, from enjoying a refreshing summer cool-down! Chunky Dunks are a safer, fun environment to test the waters of your own empowerment and swim, lounge, splash! HOT SUN. COOL WATER. NO SHAME.

The ChunkyDunks are currently held in Portland, Oregon, Chicago, IL, the Puget Sound and Melbourne Australia – and we actively encourage folks to start Chunky Dunks in their own cities/states/provinces/countries! If you are interested in becoming an organizer, click here and then let us know how we can help!


The Chunky Dunk was founded by Stacy Bias, Stef-Anie Wells and Krissy Durden in 2005 as a way to provide a safe and empowering space for everyBODY to enjoy summertime swimming. In 2009, the reigns of the Portland Chunky Dunk were passed to the lovely and capable Ashley Moyer, who built bridges with Portland’s Gender (Free) For All Transgender and Ally group and began the tradition of a once-yearly trans*-focused Chunky Dunk event. In 2010, the reigns were passed again to Domi Shoemaker and Amithyst Fist who continued to build ties and grow the event each summer. Since then, the dunks have been passed through a series of capable hands (current bios available here) and are still going strong!


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