Melbourne, Australia

Chunky Dunk has gone global with the advent of a new Chunky Dunk in Melbourne, Australia!

Here’s what principal organizer Erin Marie has to say:

Fat friendly floating, bobbing, swimming and splashing for self-identified fats, friends and family!

Aquaporko Melbourne is a fat femme synchronised swimming team. We’re in our third year of egg-beating, tubbing and ballet-legging together, have performed publicly and just adore hanging out and laughing together aquatically! Being lovers of the water, we wanted to organise a fat-friendly, body positive get together for people who also love to swim, but may not be able to join the team. Chunky Dunk on 17 February will be our first, but we’re looking forward to organising or supporting future gatherings of body-positive folk who enjoy splashing!

Principal Porko Organiser for Chunky Dunk Melbourne is Erin Marie – part-time student/full-time lawyer/full-time awesome. Erin is interested in saving the world, finding the perfect avocado and cream cheese bagel and figuring out how to improve her lung capacity to complete the transformation to full mermaid. Queenslander by birth, Victorian by choice, Erin spends Melbourne’s 11 months of winter longing for the day she can get back in the water.

Upcoming Events

Chunky Dunk Melbourne Hosted by Aquaporko
Sunday 17 February 2013
2pm to 4pm
North Melbourne Recreation Centre
1 Macaulay Road
North Melbourne Vic

Adult: $5.00
Student: $3.80
Concession: $2.80
Child: $2.80
Family (2 adults, 2 children): $12.50

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