Portland, OR

Founded in 2007, Portland’s Chunky Dunks have happened each summer and see hundreds of folks in attendance!

Watch the Facebook page for updates on dates, venues, accessibility, and more.


The Chunky Dunk was founded by Krissy Durden, Stef-Anie Wells, and Stacy Bias as a way to provide a safe and empowering space for everyBODY to enjoy summertime swimming. In 2009, the reigns of the Portland Chunky Dunk were passed to the lovely and capable Ashley Moyer, who built bridges with Portland’s Gender (Free) For All Transgender and Ally group and began the tradition of a once-yearly trans*-focused Chunky Dunk event. In 2010, the reigns were passed again to Domi Shoemaker and Amithyst Fist who continued to build ties and grow the event each summer. As of 2014, the organizers are Becka Gorelick and Galadriel Mozee.

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