Current Organizer, Portland Dunks:

Bethany Tate
Bio forthcoming. Please contact via the Chunky Dunk Facebook page or at ChunkyDunkPDX@Gmail.Com

Past Organizers, Melbourne, Australia Dunks:

Past Organizer: Erin Marie
Principal Porko Organiser for Chunky Dunk Melbourne is Erin Marie – part-time student/full-time lawyer/full-time awesome. Erin is interested in saving the world, finding the perfect avocado and cream cheese bagel and figuring out how to improve her lung capacity to complete the transformation to full mermaid. Queenslander by birth, Victorian by choice, Erin spends Melbourne’s 11 months of winter longing for the day she can get back in the water.


Past Organizers, Portland, Oregon Dunks:

Past Organizer: Becka Gorelick
Bio Unavailable

Past Organiser: Galadriel Mozee
Bio Unavailable

Past Organiser: Sarah Doherty
Bio Unavailable

Past Organizer: Amithyst Fist
Bio Unavailable.

Past Organizer: Domi Shoemaker
Domi Shoemaker has worked in social services with at-risk youth since the mid-80’s, and has been a writer since long before that. Domi has also been a long-time activist in the body positivity movement. As a Fat Girls Speaks Board member, Domi helped organize Fat Girl Speaks and was on the committee that dreamed up and implemented the awesome dance party for everybody, Cupcake (www.cupcakepdx.com/). Domi encourages people to challenge assumptions, and believes that a supportive and loving community is key in fostering a deep sense of self-love, but recognizes that it is all a process. Domi welcomes the opportunity to help bring people together for a Summer of fun in the sun!

Past Organizer: Ashley Moyer
Ashley Moyer is a compassionate godmother, daughter, sister and friend. She is self-employed as a consultant for graduate medical education programs, and recently became a full-fledged crazy cat lady. Organizing Chunky Dunk is always the highlight of her summer and believes there is nothing more radical than a woman who is comfortable in her body.



Past Organizer: Krissy Durden

krissyKrissy Durden has worked in fat activism for over 20 years. She began publishing the body liberation zine Figure 8 in 2001 under the name PonyBoy Press. She participated and helped organize FatGirl Speaks, Cupcake Dance Parties and the radical fat cheerleading squad F.A.T.A.S.S. She currently makes zines, maintains too many websites and works in social media and marketing. Her hope for the world is that we stop judging people – beginning with ourselves.


Past Organizer: Stacy Bias
Stacy Bias is a Fat Activist and Anti-Shame advocate, originally from Portland, Oregon and soon relocating to London, England. Stacy was the founder of the FatGirl Speaks conference and TechnoDyke.Com as well as the creatrix of Pussy Pucker Pots Vegan Lip Balm. She says, β€œIt is my hope that I can help eradicate a little bit of shame from the lives of women by demystifying marketing tactics, encouraging compassion of self and others, facilitating heartfelt dialogue and sharing my own process of fighting through all the compare and contrast to simply love myself as I am.”


Past Organizer: Stef-Anie Wells
Stef-Anie Wells is a fat activist because she believes that everyone has the right to live the life they want to live. She organized the Fashion Show for the first Fat Girl Speaks event because everyone has the right to bare arms. She organized the Chunky Dunk swim events because everyone should let their inner Esther Williams have their moment in the sun. Stef-Anie worked to organize the Fat Girl Frock Swap because everyone should be styling. She was the president of Pride Northwest because everyone should feel pride in who they are. She has also organized events for Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts (PICA) and Cascade Aids Project (CAP) because everyone should be as creative and healthy as possible.

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